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From the Age of 6 years I consciously began communicating with Spirit. For me this was quite normal, and I thought everyone could do it, till I realized it was a gift.

In the past I worked as a Conveyancing Clerk /Legal Executive-mixed law, Musician (Singer, Songwriter, Jazz Cert. Music Performance, Folk Guitar, Music Teacher - Adults & Children).

After many life experiences I finally came to study Certificate Tarot, Certificate Metaphysical/Psychic/Spiritual Development and Counselling studies. 5 years with Hypnotherapist/Yoga Master- practicing Deep Relaxation.

In 1995 I began working with the Public from home and Psychic Expo’s. In 2002 to 2006 owned "Psychic Vision" Healing Centre- Northcote, where I worked with - Spiritual Healing, Spirit Guide Drawings, Counselling & Meditation/Development Workshops, Psychic Tarot Readings (using combination- Mediumship/Clairvoyance Clairaudience /Clairsentience/ Claircognisance ).

I am an Empath and I work with Psychometry, Handwriting, Photo’s, Aura Scan, Vibrational Healing, Channelled Master Guide & Angelic messages.
I look at the person as a “Whole Being” and cover all subjects.

Also I design & make One-of- a-Kind Personalized Alternative Spiritual Jewellery and Sculpt Angel Dolls. I love to match your vibration with the right piece of jewellery.

I endeavour to teach all that I know and have experienced in this life thus far.
I believe we are all interconnected, and I have had many serendipitious moments in my life.
I hope this Group will grow and expand in a loving abundant way for the highest good of all.

I advocate individuality !
I believe - Universal Peace begins with “ The Self”.

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