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I make personality Bracelets by channelling the energy vibration around your name.
Each individual has an energy field around them (your Aura) that carries in it your personal, 

individual, Personality Aspects or Traits.
This is part of what makes us unique, and this is what I read.

For example - your Aspects may be, strong will, charming, graceful, outgoing, 
adventurous, tomboyish, fun loving, shy, quiet, reserved, defensive, etc.,

I select Beads matching your individual personality Aspects, including selecting textures,
 colours, shapes etc., and make up a Bracelet specific to your individuality. The Beads are 
balanced energetically (singularly and collectively). Then the whole bracelet is attuned to 
your "Higher Self.  I also include a Written Report of your Reading (which I laminate) 
and make up into a Scroll.  (see sample below).

The Personality Bracelets are similar to the Pandora Style charm Bracelet and are made up from:-
The Chain - Sterling Silver Snake Chain or Silver Plated Snake Chain, and now in Leather
 (Plain or Weaved) with Sterling Silver Clasp.
The Beads - Murano Glass, Lampwork, Polymer clay, Tibetan Silver,
Sterling Silver, Cloisonne, Jewelled, Enamelled, Glass, Swarovski Crystals,
 Gemstone beads, Sterling Silver Charms, Spacer Beads, Hanger Beads, etc.
 (whatever is channelled for you specifically)

Personality Bracelets are essentially "Healing Bracelets", as they are
attuned to your "Higher Self". Where there is an imbalance in your Auric Field,
they can help dispel negativity, thus assisting the Bodies natural ability
to heal itself at a more effective level.
They can also be worn just for fun and enjoyment and they compliment
any wardrobe with their aesthetic beauty.

(I am happy to give you tips on how best to use them,
just contact me and ask!)

Whichever way you choose to wear them, 

 I do hope you really enjoy them!