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My Dolls are One of a Kind Art Dolls made from Polymer Clay.
They are completely handmade by me, and can take up to 8 weeks to complete. 
Some may have wings and others do not.  
It really depends on what is there for you at this time.
Most Angel/Guide Dolls are around 9 inches tall and come with Diorama.

You can, if you prefer, request to have a Faerie made.  
Faeries come with a channelled message and stand around 6inch tall 
in their own Diorama setting.

Each Doll is made in the image I channel of your Personal Guardian Angel
or Spirit Guide and I make the Costume I see them in.

Their Message is a direct personal message to you from their heart.
I channel the Message (which is in the form of a Poem) and print it in the style of a
Mini Scroll which stands next to your Doll.
The Message channelled from your Angels/Guides is always in a positive vein, 
for they are here to Protect and inspire you, not condem. 

I mostly use Prosculpt Clay. The paint I use is Genises Heat Set paint 
or sometimes acrylics. The Dolls are fired in my Fan Forced Electric Oven
(I have an oven I use only for this purpose).
I sew all my own Costumes and get most of my supplies from Craft Stores in Melbourne. 

All of the Dolls in my Personal Collection are Images of my own
Master Guides, Guardian Angels, Life Guides, & Spirit Guides.
I have been channelling since I was 6 years old and drawing them since 1995. 
I now get great pleasure from making them up into a 3D form.

I always strive for perfection and use the best materials available to me.

Thanks for stopping bye !